hambone​/​under the moon

by kendall elijah dynamite

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released January 31, 2017




kendall elijah dynamite Louisville, Kentucky

sawl music

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Track Name: hambone
(how many days we gon stay? 2x)

now see he's a bad motherbrother
but ain't relatin to none
breast stroking in brass flask
humping the gun
you want some freedom put a penny down
holmes this is bidness
born on a thunderbolt
the night was a menace
his only lacky is tobacco brown
tall and he quiet
get to pluckin on his nerves
get a chord of pure violet
swear the sun was a ruby as the boys hit the road
heard a lil lady gasp his name like never before

hambone (9x)

gon' play, gon play'
cuz we don't how many days we gon' stay (4x)

now they was back up in rotation
spitting birds in the wind
cynicism and the cat was a flavorful blend
ran into to time up in a dive
his name tag said padre
he told em play here
the ambiance is broadway
hambone and the stranger got down
to the brass tacks
we can only make peace
if these pieces intact
they signed up on the line
with both fingers crossed
whispered to each other this the last year we're lost

how many days?

hambone (7x)
Track Name: under the moon
i know
there won't
be another time
to float
in the same commode
my friend, you were chosen
to soak in the light

do you want to live
you want to live
forever (2x)
'cause you can
oh you can

under the moon
and i'm dreaming
unite the pieces of prisms
form colors as bright as beginnings
i woke up
a voice told me listen

do you want to live
you want to live